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Parent Involvement Library: There are a number of helpful hints in these publications about how parents can help their children with different subjects including reading, math, science and writing.

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Lunch money
A convenient and secure way of depositing and tracking funds for school meals online. Cost for the 2010-2011 school year is:
Lunch = $2.00, Breakfast = $1.25.

Internet Safety Information
This is the information given during the FBI Internet Safety presentation in January 2007.

For before and after care through the School

FCAT Explorer
For parents and teachers to help students with the FCAT. Students and parents of students in grades 2-5 can use this.

login: last name+first initial
Password: 51+first 4 letters of last name+2 digit month and day of birth

Example: John Williams, born 6/17/1998
Login: WILLIAMSJ Password: 51WILL0617

Atomic Learning
Provides software training with thousands of short tutorials.

User Name: pasco
Password: abc123

Pasco County’s performance roles and social development benchmarks for Elementary schools

6 Traits of Writing
Help your child with his/her writing by going through these “traits of writing” which are being emphasized in Sand Pine’s classroom.
More to come…