Before volunteering for any school function (team parties, field trips, helping in the classroom, etc.), you must first be cleared by a Pasco County background check. The Pasco County School District requires potential volunteers to annually submit an on-line form which can be found here. Once your status as a Volunteer is approved (you will receive an email confirmation from Pasco County), we welcome any and all help you would like to give!

When you volunteer at Sand Pine during the school day, please check in at the front office. You will be given an adhesive badge to wear which will identify you as an approved volunteer.When you are finished helping, please sign out at the front desk. The computer will keep track of the number of volunteer hours you accumulate throughout the year. If you participate in a school activity outside of school or after school hours, please keep track of your volunteer hours on the Off-Site Volunteer Log. These hours should be turned in on a monthly basis to the front office or Angie Westbrook.

To be a PTA volunteer, please fill out the PTA Volunteer form and return it to the school so we can match your interests with our needs. Remember, all volunteers must be cleared by a Pasco County background check.