Morning Arrival Procedures:

Please remember we have limited parking. We are strongly recommending that all parents use the car loop to drop off students. The traffic would flow smoother and faster if all parents used the car loop. If you need to park and no spaces are available, continue driving around the loop until a spot becomes available. Parents that are stopping at the entrance to the parking lot to wait for an available spot are blocking the car loop and it is causing traffic jams on County Line Road. Students may not be dropped off in the parking lot. Parents must park in a parking space and walk their child to the crosswalk area.

As you know, we invite our families to school for many special activities. In the event there is a special school activity, the number of parking spaces will be extremely limited. On those days, using the car loop will minimize the traffic.

Dismissal Procedures:

In the afternoon, students are released to parents in two ways: walk-up/pick-up and car riders. Due to the number of students we have, students will not be released to parents walking up to the car rider area. Walkers and bikers should meet their parents/designated person at the corner of the school campus on County Line Road. Parents should not be waiting for the children at the bike rack or on the sidewalk by the portables.

All parents picking students up must have an approved Sand Pine pick-up sign. If you don’t have a sign, you will be asked to go to the front office to show your identification. Please contact the office if you need a sign.

If your afternoon plans change on the way your child is getting home, please send a note to your child’s teacher, or contact the front office. Please note that there are no pets allowed on campus at any time. All of our procedures are in place for the safety of our children. We appreciate your cooperation in following these set procedures.

Sand Pine’s Parking Lot Safety

Sand Pine is a school with many walkers, bike riders, and car riders. Safety must be everyone’s highest concern. It can be very easy to think that when we are in a hurry or frustrated by waiting that we can perhaps do things out of convenience that are not safety driven. For the safety for all of our students and visitors, please adhere to the following expectations for our parking lot and car loop:

  • Only leave your car if you are in a parking space. Parking behind cars inhibits visibility and obstructs traffic flow.
  • If you are dropping off students, please use the car loop. It can be slower, but it is tremendously safer for all the students.
  • Follow all arrows to ensure the proper flow of traffic.
  • Please ALWAYS use the designated crosswalks.
  • All school personnel must be treated with respect and given the authority to direct traffic and highlight the appropriate expectations in the parking lot.
  • Remember that the school property is considered private property under the supervision of the administration.
  • Willful or chronic disregard of these directions will be referred to administration. Entering the campus is a privilege, not a right.

Thank you for continuing the safety of our students!